Tabor Hill Mobile Veterinary service is owned and operated by Dr. Dan Crowe, DVM.  We provide a wide variety of services for both small animal and equine patients, right from the comfort of your own home.  

The Mobile Difference

There are many benefits of using a mobile veterinary service, that many clients may not have thought of.  Maybe your pet gets anxious when going to the veterinarian, or even gets car sick from riding in the car.  Allowing your loved pet to stay in the comfort of their own home not only allows them the familiarity of the sights and sounds that they are used to, thus reducing stress on the pet, but it also eliminates exposure to other sick or ill animals in veterinary clinics.  

Flexible Care

Dr. Crowe also maintains a very flexible schedule, should your job or other factors prohibit you from taking your pets to the veterinarian during normal 9 to 5 business hours.  Mobile veterinary care eliminates the need for travel, which is especially convenient for multiple pet owners, and makes for a more efficient use of a pet owner's time.

Please contact us today to see how we might be able to provide top-notch veterinary care for all of your beloved pets!  

Dr. Dan Crowe
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Tabor Hill Mobile Veterinary Service